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Welcome to Podcasting Business School!

I help frustrated podcasters stop hearing crickets and start making money...even with a small audience.

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Welcome to Podcasting Business School!

I help frustrated podcasters stop hearing crickets and start making money...even with a small audience. 

Book a FREE Podcast Profit Potential discovery call

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Jan 24, 2024

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Jan 17, 2024

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Jan 10, 2024

Check out these client testimonials!

Jan Ditchfield

No BS Business School

I've brought in over $6,500 in new clients in my first two weeks of doing coaching with Adam!

Sue Monhait

Gift Biz Unwrapped

I've been podcasting for 8 years and right now I'm feeling totally reenergized about my show!  Adam is helping me create some new strategies around my show and I'm getting very clear on my intentions with my podcast. 

Chris Krimitsos

Podfest Expo

As someone that features hundreds of speakers around the topic of Podcasting, Adam consistently over delivers every time I have featured him on a Podfest Stage. 

Emily Murphy

Health, Hormones, and Done with Dieting.

I went through Adam's program and he helped me map out my Ideal Listener Journey. This has been HUGE for my client conversion process!

Ashley Patrick

Money Mindset

By using Adam's system I've been able to improve my closing rate and create higher ticket offers so that I'm actually being paid what I'm worth! I was nervous about raising my prices but I actually closed my first client before I even finished my coaching program with Adam!

Diana Lidstone

Work Less Profit More

Adam's method works! I just signed a 5-figure client who did a coaching episode with me! Thanks for the work you do Adam!

Meredith Edwards

Meredith for Real: the curious introvert

After three years of podcasting my growth had stalled so I joined the Download Growth Club and my numbers have TRIPLED!

Melanie Benson

Amplify Your Success

The value Adam brought to my Amplify Mastermind was pure GOLD and the members are still talking about it weeks later! Adam really gets the world of podcasting and he brings a contagious amount of energy to every teaching opportunity. 

Janet Fish

Break Through Your Profit Ceiling

By using Adam's method I have an 80% closing rate on my $2,000 offer. This is amazing!

Marc Matthews

Inside The Mix

I have only really scratched the surface in terms of the Download Growth Club videos but I'm methodically cementing the best practices and I have seen my download numbers surge in the last month. 

Marnie & Stephanie

The Art of Living Well

The coaching experience with Adam has been wonderful! He always gives us so many great ideas and action steps to implement them. We appreciate how responsive he is and we are learning SO much!

Marilyn Alauria

Who Can It Be Now?

I've been working with Adam for three months now and I love how he is innovative, creative, and full of outside the box ideas! He's helped me monetize my podcast and drive authentic traffic so I can build real relationships with my podcast listeners.

Jay Tinkler

The Remarkable Project

I've tried everything to grow my show and nothing was working. The Download Growth Club was the answer for me. Adam shows up with abundance!

Jennie O'Connor

Multi-Passionate Like A Boss

If you have podcasting questions Adam has the answers! I've never met someone more committed to making my podcasting life easier. Hiring Adam is one of the best business decisions I've ever made!"

Dr. James Bryant

Engineer Your Success

I started up with the Download Growth Club and my monthly downloads and audience engagement started to skyrocket! If you are looking to grow your audience Adam is the man!