6 Month Online Business Academy.

Learn how to transform your podcast into a business funnel that connects you to your ideal clients week after week.

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With online course content, group office hours, and 1:1 coaching sessions we’ve got the resources you need to turn your podcast into a profitable business.


The 6 Month Online Business Academy.

This program will show you step-by-step how to leverage your podcast to build a highly effective business funnel.

Your new clients are waiting for you. 


By joining this academy you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a signature offer that your ideal clients will love.
  • Write effective emails and build email funnels to help generate evergreen income.
  • Develop and fine tune your Discovery Call strategy to ramp up your client acquisition rate.

After 6 months, you’ll have everything you need to grow your online business.

Module 1

Map out and optimize your two core offers.

Learn how to create irresistible offers that solve major pain points for your ideal clients. This module includes:

  • How to develop a simple consultation package.
  • How to develop your signature offer.
  • What to include in your offers.
  • How to price your offers.

After this module, you’ll have two offers to put in front of potential clients that are ready to work with you.

Module 2 

Develop your Discovery Call Strategy.

Learn how to connect with potential clients and bridge the gap between them thinking about taking action and actually hiring you. This module includes:

  • Discovery Call onboarding Pro Tips.
  • How to effectively promote your Discovery Call.
  • What to actually do when you are on a Discovery Call with a potential client.

After this module, you’ll be ready to start promoting your Discovery Call and talking to (and signing up) more potential clients.

Module 3

Lead Magnets & Email List Growth Gameplan.

Learn how to attract ideal potential clients into your brand ecosystem. This module includes:

  • How to develop an effective lead magnet that your ideal clients will actually want.
  • How to promote your lead magnets to grow your email list.

After this Module, you’ll be ready to launch your lead magnets.

Module 4

Email Marketing Mastery.

Learn how to engage with your email list and convert your list members into paying clients. This module includes:

  • How to set up an effective weekly newsletter nurturing email.
  • How to build effective email funnels for your lead magnets.

Congratulations, you’ve now turned your lead magnets into an evergreen marketing funnel for new clients!

Module 5 

Level UP your Expert Positioning.

So you’ve have a lead magnet funnel going.. Now what? Learn how to level up your new client acquisition rate by increasing your expert positioning. This module includes:

  • How to shift your content to get more expert positioning going for your brand.
  • How to build a client testimonial matrix.
  • How to leverage coaching style episodes on your podcast.

After this Module, you’ll start seeing a higher rate of podcast listeners becoming new clients for your programs and services.

Module 6

Recurring Revenue Stream Offer Creation.

This module will help you develop a simple recurring revenue stream strategy. This module includes:

  • How to set up a simple membership offer.
  • How to grow your membership effectively.

Congratulations, you’ve now turned your podcast into a scalable business!


Get 1:1 Coaching w/Adam

Take advantage of 1:1 coaching with a podcasting business pro.

Every business is unique. Get 1:1 support from someone who knows what it’s like to launch a successful podcasting business.

  • Each academy member gets a bank of 180 total one on one session minutes with Adam to use during the 6 month program.
  • You get to break up the minutes however you would like.
  • You can book the sessions as often as needed until you use up your minutes.
  • Get the support you need exactly when you need it so you can keep building momentum.

HEY, I'M Adam!

It took me FIVE YEARS to figure out how to build an effective online business with my podcast. I can’t wait to help you hit the FAST FORWARD button and do this in just six months.

Academy Payment Info


*Five monthly payments of $1,000*


  • 6 online monthly focus point mini courses. 
  • 180 minutes of 1:1 coaching w/Adam
  • Weekly office hours w/Adam for even MORE group support.
  • Voxer app access to Adam for 6-months for quick Q&A.
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