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  • Show intro, mid roll, and outro ads spread out across three episodes of the show.
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  • Featured sponsor for our game show episode.
  • One custom Instagram Reel post shared across our combined 68,000 Instagram account followers.
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Robert Sikes

aka...Bobby Bricks

Robert is a natural ketogenic bodybuilder, keto diet expert, creater of the Keto Brick, and host of The Keto Savage podcast. He is also the leanest dude you've ever met.

Danny Vega

aka...The Cuban Missile

Danny is a keto and carnivore diet expert, former collegiate strength coach, and co-host of The Fat Fueled Family podcast. Danny is known for having veigns in his biceps the size of most men's biceps.

Adam Schaeuble

aka...the PHD (previously heavy dude)

Adam has lost over 100 lbs, he has helped his home town lose over 35,000 lbs, and now he's a full time podcaster, podcasting business coach, and a recovering gym owner.

Important sponsorship info:

  • We accept a total of SIX sponsors per month (four episodes) for our show.
  • All sponsors pay the same price and get the exact same amount of exposure.
  • Our current email list size is 11,000 subscribers with a 40% open rate.
  • We have over 68,000 Instagram followers with our combined platforms which your brand will have exposure to.
  • We have over 3 million podcast downloads combined with all of our low carb branded shows and we expect around 20,000 downloads per month as we launch this new podcast together.
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